Hallcroft Infant And Nursery School



This term our topic is 'Farms'.


In Science, the Y2 children will be learning about Living Things and Animals in Science.  They will learn that all objects are either living, dead or have never been alive.  They will learn about the life cycle of animals including humans.  They will also explore the effect that exercise has upon their bodies and classify foods using the Eatwell Guide.  They will also learn about the importance of hygiene and investigate washing their hands using glittery gel.


In Geography, the children will learn about their home town of Retford and compare it to a village in rural Kenya.  They will identify similarities and differences between their own life and the life of a child in Kenya.  In History, the children will learn about the Queen Victoria.  They will also learn about The Gunpowder Plot.


ln DT, the children will learn about where our food comes from and learn about the process of creating bread.  In Art, they will learn about the artist Vincent van Gogh and create a picture based upon van Gogh's 'The Haystack'.  In ICT, the children will use Purple Mash to develop their basic ICT skills.  They will also learn how to safely search the internet.