Hallcroft Infant And Nursery School

Letters and Sounds


Every week in Acorn Class we learn about Phase 1 phonics by thinking about the sounds we can hear in the environment, the sounds we can make with our mouths and our bodies, or with instruments.  We begin to identify the sounds that words begin with and  then we start to break down the other sounds we can hear in words too.

We also learn a new letter using the Jolly Phonics program which we follow in the foundation stage and use to help us scaffold our learning in year 1.  


We think about the sound a letter makes, its name and what it looks like.  We take a letter sheet home for our grown ups to help us to continue our learning at home.  We also bring in things from home that we have found beginning with the letter of the week.


We learn an action to help us remember the sound each letter makes and we learn a new song each week.  To listen to the jolly phonics songs please click here


For a parents guide to the actions the children learn to go with each letter sound please click here