Hallcroft Infant And Nursery School


 At Hallcroft School we know that mathematics skills are at the heart of our curriculum.  These are skills that we all need through out our lives, so staff within school work really hard to promote, nurture and further these skills.  We hope that you enjoy the links below so that you can enhance your child's learning even further!

Why not click on the game above to use your number bonds to 10 to save the whale?

Have fun using your number bonds to 20 with the Funky Mummy game!

Have fun trying to beat the slime while using your subtraction skills.

Can you read the number words to feed Teddy his cupcakes?

Do you know your numbers to 100?  Post the letter through the correct number door.

Can you complete the alien addition?

Try out the variety of games on offer at bbc bitesize.

Have fun with Hickory the mouse to tell the time.