Hallcroft Infant And Nursery School

Our vision of PE and School Sport at Hallcroft Infant and Nursery School



This is addressed through our PE Development Plan  which aims to improve the quality of provision for PE and school sports in a number of ways.  Our main priorities are:

Increasing staff skills and confidence levels.

Increasing pupil participation in a wider variety of out of school sports. 

Developing an ethos of healthy living.


Increasing staff skill and confidence levels:

We have addressed this by staff attending training from Retford Gymnastics Club.

We also participated in whole school training lead by Jenny Moseley to help us support the children's mental health and well-being.

The school PE coordinator has attended termly meetings with the Elizabethan Family PE coordinators.  This enabled the coordinator to become aware of examples of good practice and to cascade knowledge to the rest of the staff during staff meetings. 

We have also been fortunate enough to be part of the Elizabethan Family  Collaboration, which has  enabled our staff to attend festivals at the Elizabethan Academy run by their specialist PE teachers in dance and Multi skills.

Increasing pupil participation in a wider variety of out of school sports:

The children have been offered a range of out of school sports this year run by the Doncaster Rovers coaches.  We have offered multi skills, cricket, rugby and football as after school clubs.  Our coaches have also provided lunch time sports, to enable those children who are unable to access after school clubs due to family commitments, to participate.


Developing an ethos of healthy living:

The development of our community kitchen has been made possible through a community lottery grant, we are enabling our children and their families to learn about healthy cooking through employing professional chefs to come and work with us.

We have also been placing emphasis on the importance of developing healthy minds and positive self esteem through our work with Jenny Moseley.